Prescriptions being filled with text Can Instacart Pick Up Prescriptions?

Can Instacart Pick Up Prescriptions?

If you’ve been having your groceries delivered, you may be asking, can Instacart pick up prescriptions for you?

Especially during bad weather (or maybe even a pandemic), who wants to make an extra trip to the store to pick up your prescriptions when you already have an Instacart delivery coming?

Well, the answer is: it depends.

Instacart can pick up prescriptions and deliver them, but only from participating Costco and Rite-Aid pharmacies. The prescription medications cannot be left unattended at your door, so someone over 18 must be present to receive the delivery.

While Instacart can’t deliver prescriptions from other stores at this time, there are other options. I’ll cover getting your prescription medications picked up by Instacart a bit more, and then I’ll discuss your other options.

How Can Instacart Pick Up Prescriptions for Me?

To have Instacart pick up and deliver your prescriptions, follow these steps:

  1. Have your prescription filled at a participating Costco or Rite-Aid
  2. Ensure you have text notifications enabled to be notified when your prescription is ready
  3. Click on the link to schedule delivery in the text message you receive notifying you your prescription is ready
  4. If ordering from Costco, add any groceries or other items you want to be included in your order
  5. Log into your account or create a new one, if necessary
  6. Choose a delivery time to receive your prescription (someone over 18 needs to be home to receive the delivery)

It really isn’t much different than ordering anything else from a grocery to be delivered.

Other Things to Know About Instacart Prescription Delivery

There are a few other items to be aware of when ordering prescriptions with Instacart delivery.

Receiving Your Prescriptions

Unlike your grocery deliveries, Instacart cannot leave your prescription unattended at your door. There must be somebody at least 18 years old to receive your prescription.

Additionally, your ID will have to be scanned by the Instacart driver when your order is delivered. This is required to confirm the recipient can legally receive the order and prevents any contact between you and the driver.

Changing Your Order

You cannot add additional prescriptions to your order after it is submitted. However, you can cancel your order if necessary.

If your order has already been assigned to a shopper, you’ll need to contact Instacart Care using the app or through the website.

Prescription Delivery Restrictions

Be aware that not all prescriptions qualify for delivery. Only prescriptions that offer the delivery option in the text you receive are eligible to be delivered by Instacart.

If your prescription is for a controlled substance or requires refrigeration, it is not available for delivery. Certain other drugs may not be available for delivery as well.

Is It Safe to Have Instacart Deliver Your Prescriptions?

Yes, when you receive a prescription delivery with Instacart, your medications will be in a sealed, tamper-proof bag for safety and privacy.

Additionally, controlled substances are restricted from being delivered with Instacart reducing the motivation for an Instacart shopper to mess with your prescriptions.

Other Prescription Delivery Options

Prescription delivered on a front porch

If you don’t have a participating Costco or Rite-Aid pharmacy near you or prefer to use a different pharmacy, there are other options to have your prescriptions delivered. But keep in mind that not all medications will be available for these services.

CVS Prescription Delivery with Shipt

CVS offers prescription deliveries with Shipt.

Like Instacart prescription delivery, you need to sign up for text alerts or use the CVS app to be notified that your prescriptions are available. When it is ready, you’ll receive a text message with a link with a delivery option.

Walgreens Express Prescription Delivery

Walgreens offers a 1-2 day delivery service via FedEx.

You’ll need to be enrolled in text message notifications to use this service, and each delivery costs $4.99. When you receive notice your prescription is ready, you can click on the appropriate link in the email to select Walgreens Express or choose it from the Order Status page.

You are not required to be home to receive your prescriptions using Walgreens Express.

Postmates has a partnership with Walgreens to deliver over-the-counter medicine and other household items. However, Postmates cannot deliver prescriptions.

Prescription Delivery Through the Mail

Several pharmacies, like CVS, Walgreens, Publix, Costco, and Walmart, provide prescription refill services through the mail. And most insurance company prescription plans, like CVS/Caremark and Cigna, offer this service as well. However, be sure that your insurance works with the service, or you may not receive coverage.

While this service isn’t useful for non-routine medications that you need quickly, it is perfect for refills. You’ll typically receive a 90-day supply, save yourself a trip to the pharmacy, and usually save money as well. It is also helpful because the prescriptions will automatically ship before you run out of your current supply, provided you have refills available. And if you don’t, they’ll typically contact your doctor to authorize additional refills or let you know they can’t fill it before you run out.

But if you’re short on a medication you need to be refilled, keep in mind it can take up to two weeks to receive your medicine through the mail.

Why Does Instacart Charge a Service Fee?

Summary of Instacart Prescription Delivery Service

While Instacart prescription delivery is limited to participating Costco and Rite-Aid stores, if you already use their service for other deliveries, it may be ideal for you. Just don’t forget to tip your Instacart driver.

And if Instacart prescription delivery isn’t available in your area, you have several options for avoiding waiting in line at the pharmacy.

Have you used Instacart to have your prescriptions delivered? Or one of the other services mentioned above? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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