Grammarly Free vs. Premium Review

Grammarly Free vs Premium Review

The following is a review of the Grammarly proofreading tool, including a comparison of Grammarly Free vs Premium. For other useful tools, please visit our Toolkit.

I don’t know about you, but grammatical errors disrupt my reading.

I can be reading the most fabulous article ever until I find an obvious writing mistake. After that, I have a hard time moving on and appreciating the rest of the story.

Having an automated proofreader always watching over your shoulder while writing can help you avoid those mistakes.

And Grammarly is an excellent tool for that.

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What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an artificial intelligence-powered proofreader. It detects spelling, punctuation, and sentence structural mistakes, and more.

When flagging those issues, Grammarly explains the reason why it is a potential error and provides suggestions on how to fix it.

There is a free version available as well as a premium version with additional checks.

How is Grammarly used?

Grammarly works much like a word processor’s built-in spell checker. But with much smarter detection and corrections.

As you type, the proofreader will underline grammatical errors in your text. The errors are color-coded to identify the kind of mistake.

Grammarly Proofreading in Action
Grammatical Error

Additionally, when you hover over an error, a popup appears with more detailed information. The popup also includes suggestions on how to fix the issue.

Furthermore, when you use the Grammarly editor, you can set goals to get more tailored suggestions. The editor is available in the online version or the downloaded version.

Grammarly Proofreader Goals
Writing Goals (Domain is only available for Premium users)

Grammarly Platform

There are several options for using Grammarly:

  • Browser extension
  • Microsoft Office add-in
  • Windows/Mac application
  • Mobile keyboard Extension

A user can either copy and paste any text they need to be checked into the online editor at Or they can use a browser extension in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

Using the online editor is similar to using Google Docs. Also, users can create new documents with the online editor.

Microsoft Office Add-in

Additionally, a download is available for Microsoft Office on Windows. This add-in allows for grammar suggestions inside of Word and Outlook.

Grammarly for Microsoft Office Proofreader Tools
Grammarly for Microsoft Office

Windows/Mac Application

An application is also available for Windows and Mac. The desktop application is similar to the web version.

Another useful feature of the desktop application is the ability to drag a file needing to be proofread into the program.

Grammarly Keyboard

Finally, there is a Grammarly Keyboard for mobile devices. The keyboard is installed from the Google Play or Apple App Store. This keyboard allows you to use Grammarly in all of your apps on your phone.

Another cool resource that most users probably aren’t aware of is the Grammarly Handbook. The handbook is a handy reference for grammar rules.

Grammarly Handbook
Grammarly Handbook

Browser Extension Installation

Below is how to add the extension to Chrome. It is a similar process for other browsers.

How to install the Grammarly Chrome extension

Total Time: 2 minutes

Go to Grammarly

Click on the “Add to Chrome” button.
Add Grammarly Chrome extension

In the Chrome Web Store click on the “Add to Chrome” button

Additional information about the extension is available lower on the page.
Grammarly Add to Chrome

Click “Add extension” button on message popup

The message provides details about how Grammarly interacts with the browser.
Grammarly for Chrome Message

Create your account

The extension is now installed. Enter your email to create your account.
Grammarly Create Account

The browser extension is ready to use

On most webpages, Grammarly will alert you to any errors.
Grammarly Example of Spelling Error

What does the free version include?

The free version of the proofreader includes critical grammar and spelling checks.

Additionally, it checks for conciseness.

What does the premium version include?

Premium-only checks include:

  • Grammar
    • Future real conditional
    • Incorrect verb tense
  • Punctuation
    • Missing comma after an introductory clause
    • Missing comma
    • Comma splice
  • Sentence Structure
    • Missing verb
    • Faulty parallelism
    • Incorrect adverb placement
  • Style
    • Colloquial verb phrase
    • Passive voice
    • Double subject

Additionally, the premium version includes a plagiarism detector.

Why Premium?

Grammarly Free vs Premium Comparison
Grammarly Free vs Premium Comparison

According to a survey done by Grammarly, it produces results.

  • 76% of their users find writing more enjoyable
  • 99% of students see improved writing grades
  • 85% of users are now strong writers

How much does the premium version cost?

Grammarly Proofreader Pricing
Grammarly Pricing

As you can see, Grammarly pricing varies depending on the amount you pay upfront. The best deal is to pay for the Annual plan.

Additionally, Grammarly Business is available for larger organizations.

Grammarly Free vs Premium Review

What don’t I like about Grammarly?

For the most part, I love Grammarly. I think it has improved my writing dramatically.

However, there are a few things that I wish were different.

  • If I choose to ignore a suggestion, I wish it wouldn’t show up again for that instance.
    • I realize this isn’t as simple as the ability to add words to the dictionary for spelling issues, but it can be a bit annoying.
  • As a blogger, I wish it worked better with the block editor in WordPress.
    • It shows critical errors while typing. However, for all other suggestions, I have to open it in Then I have to copy and paste any corrections back over to my editor.
  • Not unexpected, but Grammarly isn’t human.
    • It doesn’t remove the need to put human eyes on your work.
    • Sometimes a computer just doesn’t understand how you want to say something.
      • Sometimes I just want to use the word just because it just fits and Grammarly just doesn’t like the word “just” 🙂


Overall, Grammarly is a great tool to have in your Toolkit as a professional writer or student. And I highly recommend it.

It has been beneficial having a set of virtual eyes over my shoulder as I type. And I think you will see it can help improve your writing and make your writing appear as professional as you are in person.

Improve your writing with Grammarly
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