Best Cash Back Apps to Save Money Shopping

Best Cash Back Shopping Apps to Save Money

Did you know that there are cash back shopping apps for things you already buy?

There are!

Why not get paid a little for something you are already doing? Best of all, for some of them, after the initial setup, you don’t have to do anything else to get rewarded.

There are a considerable number of cash back apps available.

However, similar to survey apps, I recommend sticking with two or three to focus on when you get started. Your rewards will accumulate quicker that way.

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Top Cash Back Shopping Apps

Here are the cash back apps I recommend. They each have unique features that may appeal to you.

Ibotta – Best Overall Cash Back App

Ibotta Cash Back Shopping App

Ibotta is a simple way to earn cash back for a lot of the shopping you already do. Additionally, a lot of times, you even get money back just for uploading your receipt.

How to earn with Ibotta

With Ibotta, you earn cash back three ways:

  1. In stores
    • Find offers in the app for the store you’ll be shopping at and click on the plus sign to add them.
    • Purchase the items.
    • Upload your receipt and confirm the offers to redeem (you may need to scan some items).
    • Receive cash back in your account.
  2. With a loyalty account
    • Link your Ibotta app with your loyalty account.
    • Add offers.
    • Use your loyalty account when checking out at the store.
      • There is no need to upload a receipt.
    • Automatically receive the cash back into your account.
  3. Online
    • Shop at online stores through the Ibotta app.
    • Earn cash back when you make eligible purchases.

Additionally, you can earn money by referring your friends to use Ibotta, as well as through other bonuses offered in the app.

Pay with Ibotta

You can also pay in-store at some retailers with the Ibotta app and receive cash back immediately. Best of all, it is a discount on your entire purchase.

Discounts range from 2-10% off.

Here’s how it works:

  • At the checkout, you enter the total purchase amount into the app, and a gift card code will appear for you to show the cashier.
  • The cashier will scan the code, which will pay for the purchase from your linked card.
  • The cash back will be immediately credited to your account.

How to get your cash out of the app

Once your earnings reach $20, you can purchase a gift card through the Ibotta app, or send the money to your PayPal account.


Rakuten Cash Back Shopping App

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a cash back shopping app that gives you cash back and other discounts for shopping at stores online and in-person.

Additionally, a lot of sites provide a discount along with cash back. Some sites give a fixed amount of money back, while most give a percentage of your purchase as cash back.

How to earn cash back with Rakuten

There are several ways to make money with the Rakuten, including:

  • Mobile App
    • Within the Rakuten app, you can click on links and start a “Shopping Trip,” which will open a new window within the app to shop in.
    • You’ll be able to see how much cash back you’ll receive on purchases, as well as any new deals available.
  • Cash Back Button
    • The Cash Back Button is a browser extension that will alert you to deals and cash back when you visit participating online stores.
    • A drop down will appear, which you can click on to activate cash back for that session.
    • You can also click on the button to see available deals or your referral code (see below).
  • In-store cash back
    • For in-store offers, you need to activate an offer within the app and link it to the credit card that you’ll use for the purchase in the store.
    • After paying with your linked card, the cash back will be credited to your account.
  • Email
    • Clicking on some links from within Rakuten emails will activate a “Shopping Trip” similar to using links within the mobile app.
    • Similar to the mobile app and email links, click on links within to start a “Shopping Trip.”
    • A new window will open, and there will be a notification of cash back savings before being directed to the store.
Other ways to earn cash with Rakuten

There is even a Rakuten Cash Back Credit Card. You can receive an additional 3% cash back on qualified purchases made online through Rakuten using the card.

Also, new members receive a $10 bonus if they make a qualifying purchase of $25 or more within 90 days of becoming a member.

Additionally, you can receive $25 for each person you refer to Rakuten using your personalized referral code. You can find this code in the app, the Cash Back Button, or at

Getting your Big Fat Check

When you get your cash back from Rakuten, they refer to it as your “Big Fat Check.”

You can either receive a check in the mail or have the money directed into your PayPal account.

Money is paid out quarterly, and you need more than $5 for your cash back to be paid to you. If it is less, it will carry over to the next quarter.

Payments occur a month and a half after the end of the previous quarter (i.e., Payments are sent February 15th for approved purchases between October 1st and December 31st).

Paribus – Best App for Savings After You Buy Something

Paribus Refund App

Paribus is a bit different from the other cashback shopping apps discussed here.

Rather than getting cash back when making purchases, Paribus monitors the prices of items you already bought. If the price drops, Paribus will notify you and help you get refunded the difference.

Additionally, Paribus helps you get compensated for late deliveries and also tracks return windows for your purchases.

How does Paribus work?

Paribus monitors purchases in your email from over 25 major retailers. It is an entirely free service provided by Capital One.

Any refunds are typically applied to the payment method used for the purchase.


MyPoints Cash Back App

MyPoints seems a lot like Ibotta, but it is more like Swagbucks.

You can earn points by shopping, watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, and even printing coupons.

And you can get a $10 Amazon gift card as a welcome bonus when you make a purchase over $20!

When you are ready to cash out, there are a variety of gift cards available, as well as the ability to redeem for PayPal cash in increments of $25, $50, or $100.

Get started using MyPoints today!

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Summary of Cash Back Shopping Apps

Using cash back shopping apps is a great way to save money when shopping at your favorite stores and get free PayPal money. While there are many options out there, I recommend starting with the ones above to get started.

Do you use cash back apps? What is your experience with them? Are there others you use that you like better than the ones above? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

The best cash back apps for saving money shopping
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